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Marketing Your Jewellery Business Through Covid-19


COVID-19 continues to impact the nation – and the economy – in a way that no business could have prepared for. For small businesses, any action you take will be reactionary and you’ll simply be facing the pandemic’s challenges as best you can in this period of crisis. But focusing on what you can control is a good tactic. Now is the time to really evaluate what your business or brand means to your customers. Many people are choosing to send gifts as a gesture to let friends and family know they’re thinking of them – and that means there’s a place for your business to find its voice.

Here, we consider how you can market your business through these testing times and add real value to your customers’ lives in the meantime.

Demonstrate authenticity and integrity
Take any opportunity that presents itself to show your customers you care – about them, their needs and how this unprecedented situation is affecting the nation. Use this time to really connect with your customers on a personal level. Think about ways you can use your positioning to give to the greater good. Perhaps think about how your business offering could be adjusted to help the current situation. For example, many of our customers are busy sewing for the NHS, which is a fantastic gesture. Being genuine and transparent may mean you end up with a stronger brand than before the pandemic.

Communication is key
The worst thing you can do in such fearful times is cease all communication and disappear from the digital landscape. Your business and your marketing matters – the guidelines have shifted slightly is all. A strong online presence is now more important than ever and you should aim to communicate regularly, posting meaningful content that adds real value to your customers’ everyday lives. But do mind your tone. Be sensitive and mindful of how you’re coming across. There’s no place right now for overly salesy language and exploitative self-promotion. Earn your customers’ trust at this time by starting conversations that show you care – as a result, you may just get a sale and turn your followers into brand advocates.   

Review your overall marketing strategy
Think about where you’d like your business to be once life returns to some form of normality and then, beyond that, consider your short and long-term goals. When society resumes, you’ll want your business to be in a good position thanks to you having created interested in your brand. Consider these helpful tips:

Set achievable goals. Think about where you’d like to be in six months to a year’s time. Setting targets and reviewing them monthly is a great way to keep the business on track and nudge it on the path to growth.

Leverage social media. Continue to post on your channels throughout this time (albeit with timely messaging and an adjusted tone). But perhaps now is the time to review the platforms you’re using and whether they’re returning what you’d expect. Could you expand on to another platform or tweak your content to better-reflect your brand?

Get online. If you haven’t already got one, consider how you might start to build a website or Etsy shop. Think about ways in which you can make it easy for customers to browse and purchase your products.

Plan content. Have you been wanting to try something content-wise for a while? There are many various types of content that can beautifully show off jewellery so there are definitely opportunities to take advantage of. Video is hugely popular and can help you show off every minute detail of your products. Alternatively, you could create a blog and offer tips and advice on upcoming jewellery trends and other topics you know your customers would find useful.

 Nobody knows what lies around the corner or when we can expect normality to resume. However, jewellery businesses can take some control to weather the crisis and better position themselves for when it’s over. Be prepared, make smart decisions and above all, keep communicating with your customers, to give yourself a great chance of success.